“I graduated high school and I was a boy. At L.A. GOAL I am a man. I am 24 years old.

I’m learning to read words, numbers and letters. And to spell words. I’m so happy when I’m with all my friends at L.A. GOAL. I like working together. I like music class – it is so much fun!”

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“I came to L.A. GOAL in 2010. I knew some of the Members from Special Olympics and it was easy for me to get along with them and everyone else.

They impacted me in a big way. How I used not to give people their space and L.A. GOAL has taught me to give them their space and a lot of good things that I can take with me wherever I go. The staff are very nice to us and they teach me how to work and that helps me with my own life.”

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Maria came to L.A. GOAL eight years ago. She had not attended any programs for many years. She was non-verbal.

Today, Maria is an active Member of our programs. Now she talks and sings; she is learning her alphabet, learning to write, how to count, and how to work. Her nickname is “Mayor of L.A. GOAL” because whenever a visitor enters the building, she’s the first person to extend her hand and introduce herself.

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