Vocational Training

Vocational training is combined with continuing adult education classes and programs that increase communication and self-esteem. Our newest vocational program, Job Readiness, teaches Members how to fill out job applications, interview, conflict resolution, appropriate grooming and work habits. Other programs that help Members obtain and maintain their employment and independence include a 24-hour emergency cell phone line, counseling, basic life skills classes, using public transportation, safety in public, visual and performing arts, and social opportunities.

This knowledge and skill building program consists of:

  • Continuing adult education classes: reading, writing, math, understanding calendars, telling time, shopping skills, money skills, critical thinking and current events.
  • One-on-one computer training: using basic programs on a PC and Mac.
  • Basic office skills: answering phones, using office machines, collating, mailing, filing.
  • Interviewing, applying for jobs: how to fill out a job application, how to interview, how to look for work, conflict resolution, grooming, and work habits.
  • Basic indoor and outdoor building maintenance: basic janitor skills in an office setting and light landscaping.
  • Custodial supply inventory management: keeping an inventory of supplies, receiving supplies.
  • Music therapy: improves fine/gross motor skills, communication skills, improves self-awareness and self-esteem, while teaching Members how to work as a group.
  • Program aides: Members learn to work with other Members in clinical, vocational training, and employment programs. Skills include how to understand nonverbal cues, how to use behavior intervention techniques and use positive reinforcement to assist in training other Members.