To fulfill the Members’ requests for paid, part-time employment, L.A. GOAL operates four employment programs. Members employed by these programs are paid on an hourly basis so they know how much money they can rely on each month and budget accordingly. To become a paid employee at L.A. GOAL, Members interview for apprenticeships and receive six months’ training before they are hired.

Our employment programs consist of:

Visual Arts: Artists learn new skills and explore their creativity in a professional art, sewing and ceramics studio. They produce original works of art are sold at art exhibits and boutiques throughout the year. Reproductions of original art are used on T-shirts and other products. Proceeds from sales are used to offset the costs of the artists’ salaries and supplies.

Custodial Maintenance: Members are trained and hired to provide professional building custodial services, light landscaping and inventory management of cleaning and building maintenance supplies.

Program Aides: Members learn how to mentor other Members in assist staff in programs including one-on-one computer training.

Office/Clerical Assistants: Members are hired to provide clerical support.