Leadership Opportunities

For over 30 years, two elected Members have represented their peers on L.A. GOAL’s Board of Directors.

Members’ Meetings are held every month except August and December. Members plan activities, manage their treasury, evaluate the programs offered at L.A. GOAL, and discuss news and events. Each month the elected Member’s Representatives bring their program recommendations to the Executive Director and the Board at L.A. GOAL Board meetings.

We teach Members to use their voice. This is reinforced by listening to, and acting on, what they have to say about the activities, programs, vocational training and employment opportunities they want to have at L.A. GOAL. Members are responsible for planning and implementing their events and activities.

Members participate in L.A. GOAL art exhibitions and boutiques to help promote the abilities of people with developmental disabilities. Members accompany L.A. GOAL staff at community events and speak at all public and corporate speaking engagements. Members conduct tours of the L.A. GOAL facilities for service providers, foundations, corporations, government representatives and the public as needed.


Pictured Above:

(From left to right ) Leslie Ito, former Art Program Officer for the California Community Foundation, now President/CEO of the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center, Dr. Philip Yalowitz, Lisa Yalowitz, L.a. GOAL Board President Peter Wendel, and D’Marcus B. at the Unsung Heroes celebration at LACMA, October 2011. L.A. GOAL was awarded The Joan Palevsky Award for Outstanding Nonprofits in the Arts.