Grocery Store Partnership

When you shop at Ralph’s, Food 4 Less or Krogers, a percentage of what you spend could be going towards L.A. GOAL.

A portion of the proceeds from every purchase you make could be donated to L.A. GOAL through their Community Contribution Program! All you need to do is visit Ralph’s and register your Ralph’s Card! Once you have signed in, click on Community Rewards, then click the link to Edit Community Contributions, and then add L.A. GOAL as your designated organization! Our organization number is 81413. After you successfully register your card online, you will see your organization information on your profile page. Also, just look on your receipt and you will see ‘At your Request, Ralphs is donating to L.A. GOAL’ within 7 business days of online registration.

If you prefer, you can print out this page and take the barcode below to the checkout with you and ask the checker to scan it with your purchase. It also works on the self-checkout scanners. You only need to scan the barcode once for it to donate to us all year! If you use this method to register, it will not show up on your receipt.

Grocery Store Partnership barcode

You will need to have a Ralph’s Reward Card in order to take advantage of this opportunity. With either of these options you will need to re-register every September to continue the contributions to L.A. GOAL.

Last year we received over $1000 from Ralph’s! Thank you to everyone who participated and everyone who takes the time to sign up!


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