Congratulations to Our New President…of the L.A. GOAL Members’ Board, that is!


Newly elected L.A. GOAL Members' Board President, Robert S.

Newly elected L.A. GOAL Members’ Board President, Robert S.

At L.A. GOAL, we believe Members should have a say in everything we do, from the programs we offer, to the social activities we plan. Among the responsibilities of the Members’ Board are: to lead Members’ meetings, evaluate L.A. GOAL programs, report to the L.A. GOAL Board of Directors, plan social activities, and lead fundraising efforts to cover the cost of those activities.

At January’s Member meeting, attendees voted for this year’s Member Officers. Among the highlights: long-time L.A. GOAL Member Robert S. was elected President and Matthew S. and Mary C. were elected as co-Sargents of Arms, marking the first time they’ve held Board positions! Keep reading¬†to read Robert’s speech and see the full list of this year’s Member Board…

Robert’s Stump Speech:¬†

If I am elected President I promise to do the following:

I will listen to all sides of a conversation

I will demonstrate how to be a leader, teacher and role model.

I will run the meeting smoothly.

I will follow through on matters.

I will be on time and take charge of meetings.

I will look nice and presentable.

I will call each month to establish the Meeting Agenda.

I would like to see more membership at the meetings.

So vote for me Robert Schwartz for President.


2017 L.A. GOAL Members’ Board Officers:

President: Robert S.

Vice President: Christy C.

Treasurer: Darin L.

Assistant Treasurer: Robert P.

Secretary: Helen P.

Assistant Secretary: Todd R.

Members’ Reps: Lisa Y. and Jimmy W.

Planning Chair: Brad S.

Assistant Planning Chair: Michael B.

Sargent of Arms: Matthew S. and Mary C.