Big Announcement!

Members thanking S. Mark Taper Foundation

Photo: L.A. GOAL Members thanking S. Mark Taper Foundation

We are pleased to announce that we have received a $65,000 grant from the S. Mark Taper Foundation for 2017!

The grant will both help our Members achieve their personal goals and help our organization to increase community acceptance and inclusion of people with developmental disabilities. Specifically, the grant will support us to do the following in 2017:

  • Maintain and increase the employment rate for our Members (i.e. our clients) through vocational skills training and employment support. 58% of L.A. GOAL Members are currently employed, compared with 20% of the general population of individuals with developmental disabilities.
  • Provide paid employment as Artists, custodians, and administrative staff to at least 26 individuals with developmental disabilities
  • Offer adult education, music therapy, choir, drama, dance, cooking, and fitness classes to increase Members’ independence, communication skills, and social skills. Classes are offered seven days a week, 50 weeks per year
  • Provide over 300 family members and caregivers with the skills, knowledge, and support they need to care for their loved ones with developmental disabilities
  • Create more opportunities for collaborative experiences between individuals with developmental disabilities and the public, such as community art classes open to both L.A. GOAL Members and members of the public

As you may know, we have supported individuals with developmental disabilities in Culver City and Greater Los Angeles to build skills, connect, and find their talents for over 48 years. We are thrilled the S. Mark Taper foundation is supporting us to continue this work in our community, and are poised to leverage their support for additional funding in support of our mission.
If you’d like to see what we’re up to so far this year, we welcome you to come by for a visit! Call us anytime to make an appointment to see our programs in action.

P.S. You, too, can support us! Donate to L.A. GOAL today.