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L.A. GOAL Holiday Boutique


Join the L.A. GOAL family at our Annual Two-Day Holiday Boutique on BOTH Saturday, December 2nd and Sunday December 3rd from 10am – 3pm!
We will be selling the artwork and art products of the L.A. GOAL Artists, as well as hosting over 20 vendors selling a variety of beautiful handmade apparel, jewelry, home decor, and gift items!
The Members will also host a bake sale in our kitchen to raise funds for the Members’ Treasury.
See you there!!!!!!!!!

Behind the Scenes with Lisie, Doug, and Constantine: Art Show & Open House Sneak Peek!


In preparation for this month’s Open House & Annual Art Show, we asked a few of our artists to give us a sneak preview of their pieces in the show:

“Downtown Slumber at Midnight” by Lisie Y. (Fabric on wood)

“It’s a mystical small town where everybody knows each other. This is Main Street in the center of town. It’s a wonderful place to be. Everybody knows each other and is friendly. There are 1 or 2 grammar schools. 1 or 2 high schools. It’s a very small town. It’s at night. It’s a place where people are happy. It’s easy and accessible. Everybody wants to help each other. You can trust people. You’ve grown up with people your whole lives. Your neighbors are almost like your family, but not quite. And your grandparents and cousins and aunts and uncles live there. You walk your dogs and there’s kitties, and in the outer part of town there’s bunnies. It’s a really special place to be.”


“Lighting Bolt Shreds” by Doug H. (Multimedia on wood)

“I made this piece because I was thinking about what I am. Because I am a paid artist. I’ve been here many years. We are like family at L.A. GOAL. I like the colors. The shreds are made of paper. I love the way I look at it. I love the feeling like nature. I paint very beautiful texture. It reminds me of our planet. I want to share this piece because it reminds me of my mother. She is an artist like I am. She has passed on. I am thinking about her.”


“Socialize More” by Constantine F. (Acrylic on paper)

“I like to socialize. Work. Drawing. My favorite part is the words. The people are from my imagination. Socialize at work. It’s a design.”

Save the Date! L.A. GOAL Open House and Annual Art Show 2017

Save the date: Sunday, October 15th
Open House and 27th Annual Art Show

Save the date for our Open House and 27th Annual Art Show on Sunday, October 15. This year’s show is NOT to be missed! In addition to exhibiting our Members’ incredible works from this year, the show will also be an Open House at L.A. GOAL and will include collaborative art-making opportunities in our studio. We can’t wait to see you there!

Bryan A_Sonoma Valley
Art show preview: Sonoma Valley by Bryan Arnold, fabric collage on wood

You can start drooling now


Pork tastes good!

Image: Power to the Pork by Lisa F.

We’re excited to be featured in “The Food Show” at bG Gallery this month! “The Food Show” includes works from over 50 contemporary artists and activists, including several L.A. GOAL Artists.

The show is on view July 15th thru August 6th. Join us at the opening reception on July 15th from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm at bG Gallery (2525 Michigan Avenue, Space G8A, Santa Monica, CA 90404). We hope to see you there!


‘Perfect’ Success at Helms Bakery

Visitors at the Helms show
Image: Visitors viewing art and socializing in the Helms gallery space

Last month’s Not So Perfect Show was a big success! Not only did we exhibit Member and staff artwork side-by-side for the first time, but we also introduced new audiences to our work, we were featured in the Culver City News, the “Funniest Thing!” podcast (listen to the interview here!), and numerous other publications, and sold many original pieces and art products! This is good news because, as a social enterprise, we reinvest all proceeds back into our Visual Arts program.

Not so perfect tee
Image: Michael modeling a Not So Perfect Tee

More good news! These brand-new Not So Perfect tees flew off the rack at the show. Following their sell out launch, they’re now available on our Etsy Store for your buying pleasure. A great gift for yourself, your spouse, your kids, and every other human you know. This month only, they’re 15% off.

Enter coupon code NOTPERFECT2017 to apply the 15% discount. Discount taken at checkout.

Click here to start shopping!

Offer ends 7/31/17 at 11:59pm.

Join us for The Not So Perfect Show at Helms Bakery this weekend!

Join us for The Not So Perfect Show at Helms Bakery this weekend, June 10 and 11!
this modern life la goal


The Not So Perfect Show is finally here and we’re SO excited to share it with you, our extended L.A. GOAL family. The show pairs the work of Inside Out Production Artists and L.A. GOAL staff. There are two great opportunities to see the show this weekend:

Exhibition and Reception
When: Sunday, June 11, 11am-3pm
Where: Helms Art and Design Center, 8745 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA, 90232
What: Join us for art, refreshments, and community!


This Modern Life
: Saturday, June 10, 12-6pm
Where: Helms Art and Design Center, 8745 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA, 90232
What’s This Modern Life?: If you can’t make our reception on Sunday, the show will also be open during Helms Bakery’s This Modern Life event, where participating Helms showrooms and stores will feature workshops, demonstrations, tastings, sweepstakes and special guests. There will also be a Local Mercato and Beautiful Things L.A. one-day pop-up, which will be donating 5% of proceeds to L.A. GOAL all day long. Visit their website for all the details.
Lisie_Y A Tangle With Happiness

Preview of The Not So Perfect Show: A Tangle with Happiness by Lisie Y, Mixed media on unstretched canvas

Introducing “Tutu Tuesday”!

L.A. GOAL Board Members celebrating Tutu Tueday

L.A. GOAL Board Members celebrating Tutu Tuesday

Why are our Board Members in tutus, you might ask? To celebrate Tutu Tuesday, of course! L.A. GOAL staff started Tutu Tuesday in March as a way to honor and remember beloved L.A. GOAL Member, Maria, who passed away in January. Maria loved all things frilly and fit for a princess. Each month, we pick a Tuesday to wear tutus around the office to remind us of what Maria taught us. We asked a few staff to share what Maria taught them:

  • “Maria taught me nobody is ever to far away to be reached.”
  • “Maria taught me patience.”
  • “Maria taught me pink goes with everything!”
  • “Maria taught me to be silly!”
  • “Maria taught me it’s always a good moment to stop and spend time with people you love.”
  • “Maria taught me that I was always her favorite!”

Big Announcement!

Members thanking S. Mark Taper Foundation

Photo: L.A. GOAL Members thanking S. Mark Taper Foundation

We are pleased to announce that we have received a $65,000 grant from the S. Mark Taper Foundation for 2017!

The grant will both help our Members achieve their personal goals and help our organization to increase community acceptance and inclusion of people with developmental disabilities. Specifically, the grant will support us to do the following in 2017:

  • Maintain and increase the employment rate for our Members (i.e. our clients) through vocational skills training and employment support. 58% of L.A. GOAL Members are currently employed, compared with 20% of the general population of individuals with developmental disabilities.
  • Provide paid employment as Artists, custodians, and administrative staff to at least 26 individuals with developmental disabilities
  • Offer adult education, music therapy, choir, drama, dance, cooking, and fitness classes to increase Members’ independence, communication skills, and social skills. Classes are offered seven days a week, 50 weeks per year
  • Provide over 300 family members and caregivers with the skills, knowledge, and support they need to care for their loved ones with developmental disabilities
  • Create more opportunities for collaborative experiences between individuals with developmental disabilities and the public, such as community art classes open to both L.A. GOAL Members and members of the public

As you may know, we have supported individuals with developmental disabilities in Culver City and Greater Los Angeles to build skills, connect, and find their talents for over 48 years. We are thrilled the S. Mark Taper foundation is supporting us to continue this work in our community, and are poised to leverage their support for additional funding in support of our mission.
If you’d like to see what we’re up to so far this year, we welcome you to come by for a visit! Call us anytime to make an appointment to see our programs in action.

P.S. You, too, can support us! Donate to L.A. GOAL today.