Behind the Scenes with Lisie, Doug, and Constantine: Art Show & Open House Sneak Peek!

In preparation for this month’s Open House & Annual Art Show, we asked a few of our artists to give us a sneak preview of their pieces in the show:

“Downtown Slumber at Midnight” by Lisie Y. (Fabric on wood)

“It’s a mystical small town where everybody knows each other. This is Main Street in the center of town. It’s a wonderful place to be. Everybody knows each other and is friendly. There are 1 or 2 grammar schools. 1 or 2 high schools. It’s a very small town. It’s at night. It’s a place where people are happy. It’s easy and accessible. Everybody wants to help each other. You can trust people. You’ve grown up with people your whole lives. Your neighbors are almost like your family, but not quite. And your grandparents and cousins and aunts and uncles live there. You walk your dogs and there’s kitties, and in the outer part of town there’s bunnies. It’s a really special place to be.”


“Lighting Bolt Shreds” by Doug H. (Multimedia on wood)

“I made this piece because I was thinking about what I am. Because I am a paid artist. I’ve been here many years. We are like family at L.A. GOAL. I like the colors. The shreds are made of paper. I love the way I look at it. I love the feeling like nature. I paint very beautiful texture. It reminds me of our planet. I want to share this piece because it reminds me of my mother. She is an artist like I am. She has passed on. I am thinking about her.”


“Socialize More” by Constantine F. (Acrylic on paper)

“I like to socialize. Work. Drawing. My favorite part is the words. The people are from my imagination. Socialize at work. It’s a design.”