Our Brand

Since our founding in 1969, L.A. GOAL has been dedicated to improving the lives of people with developmental disabilities. While the services and opportunities we provide to people with developmental disabilities were paralleled by no other organization, the value and ultimately the good we create in the world was not being articulated to those outside the organization. Through what we functionally do every day, it was clear how L.A. GOAL improves and elevates the lives of people with developmental disabilities. However, the way in which these souls, in turn, brighten our lives and teach us about ourselves—that magical reciprocity—was not the story we were sharing with the world.

In re-branding L.A. GOAL, our objective was not to change what we do or what we stand for. We’re simply creating a clearer and more consistent identity for our organization that can be recognized and celebrated by all who support us.

Our New Logo

Each member of L.A. GOAL is a piece of a very tight knit and vibrant community – like building blocks that make up a whole. Two simple shapes, a square and a quarter circle, were used to represent our members and the community that they make up. Artists from our arts program, Inside Out Productions, participated in creating the artwork that filled these shapes, utilizing their talents and contributions to help tell our story and celebrate our community.