At L.A. GOAL we are like a family. We are educators – we are a bold and courageous community bound together by a common cause that has defined what we do for the last 46 years. Throughout the last four and a half decades, L.A. GOAL has empowered adults with developmental disabilities to live healthy, productive, independent lives. Working with this community as long as we have, our methods for unlocking their full potential are tried and true.


Today, we’re taking our efforts one step further. By capturing all we’ve learned about bettering the lives of adults with developmental disabilities, we’re using it to offer society a new perspective on inclusion – one that demonstrates life is simply better when people with developmental disabilities are a part of it.

L.A. GOAL: Providing Services to Adults with Developmental Disabilities in Los Angeles since 1969.

OUR GOAL: Making Life Better, Together.



L.A. GOAL provides opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities to increase their independence and employability through educational, vocational and recreational programs. L.A. GOAL’s art and outreach activities educate the community about the abilities of people with disabilities.



Our vision is to create a more open society where people with developmental disabilities can enjoy full inclusion in their communities. To accomplish this, L.A. GOAL teaches the world about how people with developmental disabilities can better our lives.  It is a magical reciprocity that we believe has long been overlooked.



Our 2016 Annual Report, 2016 IRS F990 and 2016 Audited Financial Statement

2016 Annual Report                2016 Audited Financial Statement                                         2016 IRS F990


L.A. GOAL meets GuideStar’s requirements for the Exchange Platinum logo.


Pictured Above:
A: Jennifer and Lisa design artwork that was used to make the “L.A. GOAL Letters” for the branding campaign.

B: Egg race at our annual family picnic.
C: Lisa Y. and L.A. GOAL’s Executive Director Petite Konstantin receive a standing ovation as they accept The Joan Palevsky Award for Outstanding Nonprofits in the Arts at The Eisner Foundation and the California Community Foundation’s Unsung Heroes award ceremony on October 12, 2011.